Splat Hair Color – Lusty Lavender


Review by: Dawn

I’ve been dying my hair for more than 20 years. I’ve gone every shade of the rainbow and back again -from platinum blonde to jet black. I love changing it up dramatically and frequently, and I don’t tend to be exceptionally brand loyal. I was curious about Splat brand hair coloring products long before I used them.

I broke the #1 hair dying rule this time around. I dyed my hair the day before a big outing… Walker Stalker Con. Being a huge fan of all things purple, I opted for “Lusty Lavender”.

The application process is straightforward, well-explained and nothing out of the realm of normal for those of us who regularly dye our hair. Cost is about average as well. Like most at-home dyes, prices can range from $5-$10 depending on current sales at individual retailers.


The bleaching/stripping process went much better than usual with my hair. When you bleach dark hair, it tends to go through a lightening process from orange to blonde to white. My hair is very resistant to bleaching, so some portions usually stay stuck at orange while others progress to blonde, and the smallest section turns white. This typically results in me looking like a candy corn. Being vain, there are no good photos to clearly evidence this, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. The good news is – Splat gave me a nice, even bleaching that left all of my hair a uniform yellowish shade.

It all fell apart in the dying process. I make it a practice to always leave dye on a tiny bit longer than instructed (that resistance issue again). With this, it didn’t seem to matter. A good portion of my hair went to a very deep maroon while the rest came out a deep hue of pink. Can I just say that I LOATHE the color pink?

Now I ask you… compare my photos below (taken 12 hours after dying) to the photos on the box above. Do you see an issue? I think that my biggest concern was just how quickly and easily this color ran from my hair. I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t get caught up in a full-on rainstorm, because even standard Florida humidity caused the dye to bleed onto my white shirt, three days after dying! Every single time I bathed for ten days, color drained from my hair as if it were the very first post-application rinsing. What a mess!

I have to admit – what bothered me the most about this product is the fact that I mentioned my dissatisfaction to the company and I received absolutely no response – no tips, nor an offer to rectify my experience. As often as I experiment with my hair, there is definitely one brand that I will avoid from this point forward.



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