MoYou London Doodle Collection


Review by: Dawn

I recently attended The Makeup Show in Orlando – a traveling tradeshow for industry professionals. As part of the media package, I received a bundle of cosmetics from various participating vendors. One of those generous vendors was MoYou London, who graciously offered up one of their newest Doodle Collection nail art kits.


Doodle Collection kits are quite a bargain! For less than $6, you receive a detailed instruction manual, stamper, scraper, design plate and polish. That’s not much more than you’d pay for high-quality nail polish alone, and it’s all reusable!

I was a bit intimidated at the thought of using this. I have generally unsteady hands, and I’ve never had much luck with nail art. I’ve tried nail jewels, fancy designs with stencils – you name it – and none of it ever really looks presentable. It’s always a mess, and it typically looks like I was a hand model for a kindergarten cosmetics class. I hadn’t tried stamping before, and I frankly had low expectations.

So… how did my very first experience with MoYou London’s Doodle Collection go? See for yourself!

I won’t hesitate to say that I was stunned! It was quick, easy… and it worked! Even I can do this! At the moment, my nails aren’t very long, but the designs still came out beautifully. I loved the mix of designs, and being able to pick and choose just what I wanted and where.

The stamper can sometimes bleed off the boundaries of the fingernails a bit, but this is so easily remedied with a cotton swab and nail polish remover. All aspects of application and cleanup are a breeze, and it dries very quickly – quicker than the base coat coloring I used, in fact!


It’s such a relief to know that I can now have gorgeous nails, affordably and conveniently, without having to visit a salon. I can’t recommend the Doodles Collection enough. The item I received is collection #3, but you can choose your favorite from the growing line here.

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