Green Goo


Review by: Sierra and Dawn

The name is funny, but the product is brilliant! Green Goo Skin Repair is quite possibly the most essential component to include in your skin care routine. So, what is this gooey stuff? Well, it’s a little miracle that addresses a multitude of common skin problems – and it’s really not “gooey” at all!

Green Goo Skin Repair has a waxy texture, so our fears of goopy, oily, greasy – generally ICKY stuff being smeared all over our faces were quickly laid to rest. If you combined Vaseline with candle wax, that would be about the consistency of Green Goo.

It melts into the skin easily, and spreads well. After three applications, we barely put a dent in the product, so that tiny little .7 ounce travel tin is a better buy than you’d originally expect! It’s also safe to sleep in without fear of morning pillow mess or a crusty face to go along with your bed-head.


Speaking of the packaging – the travel tin is absolutely awesome, for multiple reasons. For starters, it’s sturdy, secure, and convenient. Take it anywhere in your suitcase, tote bag, purse or pocket. If you’re an up-cycler, you’ll also appreciate this because it’s easy to reuse when the product is gone. Use it to carry small items that you want to keep on-hand, or repurpose it in any number of ways – a candle, perhaps?

Up/recyclers also tend to be naturalists… another reason to rave about this product! Green Goo is 100% natural! Made with Aloe and Vitamin E, this product is safe for sensitive skin. A touch of Chamomile even adds an aromatherapy angle.

And the very best part – IT WORKS! Two of us tried Green Goo Skin Repair to tackle two different problems, and both of us saw an improvement in a short time of regular use. Dawn’s dark circles lightened, and the lines in Sierra’s face that often led to makeup creasing began to smooth out. The product can additionally be used to treat minor burns and sunburns – thanks to that wondrous Aloe inclusion! Of course, you can also be proactive and use Solar Goo before the sunburn hits. Green Goo has you covered from start to finish!


For more information on Green Goo products, click here. The travel tins sell for less than $10 each, but there are a wide variety of sizes , styles, and product types available.



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