Evangelyn Hair Oil


Review by: Dawn

I am forever trying new products for hair care. After being advised to shave my head in an effort to eliminate split ends and damage, I have been on a mission to prove that my situation is not quite this desperate. My daughter is a huge proponent of natural treatments and oils, so I decided to give her suggestions consideration when I stumbled upon an offer to try Evangelyn Hair Oil for a review.

Photo: Evangelyn.com

The magical combination that comprises Evangelyn Hair Oil is as follows: castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, and lavender oil. Simple – natural – and all known to have healing properties that benefit damaged hair.

With regular use you will see less hair fall out, less split ends, stronger longer fuller hair. – Evangelyn.com

These ingredients are proven to strengthen hair, add softness and shine, and promote hair growth. Oils are a common moisturizer, with a thick, coating aspect that is nearly impenetrable.

My problems are many – frizz, fly-aways, split ends… just a general massive mess in every way possible. I’ve tried hot oil treatments before, but the results never seem to be long-lasting. Continuing multiple treatments of this type can also get very costly very quickly, but when one-time treatment doesn’t quite cut it… what’s a girl to do?

Evangelyn is different. It’s recommended for repeated use, and it’s feasible to do so! It doesn’t require steps and preparation to heat, and there’s no science experiment mess to tend to after application. As soon as you pour a bit of it into the palm of your hand, you notice that it is also thicker than many oil treatments. It’s oily, but not greasy. For some reason, I just trust the consistency and composition of this product more than other oil-based hair treatments that I have tried.

Best time to apply is before bedtime. Leave in hair and wash hair the next morning as normal. Once or twice a week will give you best results. – Evangelyn.com

My only point of concern with Evangelyn Hair Oil is the lack of instruction clarity. I’m one of those “for dummies” types, and I like to be very clear on direction when trying a new product. One thing I was perplexed by was the amount to use. I tend to use more hair product than most people in general. I have long, very thick hair. I’m the type to buy two packages of hair dye just to get full coverage, so I often ignore quantity suggestions. However, I use them as a loose guideline to judge what the “average” person would use. Since this product type is still new to me, I wasn’t sure how heavily it should be applied. It took some trial and error to figure it out, and for the first use, I WAY overdid it. I learned quickly to apply a small amount, comb it through, and then add more if necessary.

Now that I’ve gotten into a routine with Evangelyn, I can safely say that it has improved the condition of my hair. My hair has been less erratic, with a healthier sheen and manageability. I’m still not entirely used to the very vigorous washing it takes to really remove the excess oil the day after using it, but it’s a small price to pay for the results. I do wish that the lavender oil was a bit heavier in the mixture to potentially add a more noticeable scent to the product, but I admit that it does not smell badly. I just think it could smell stronger.


Evangelyn Hair Oil is available at Evangelyn.com.



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