Aloha X Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC Superfood Brownie Bites


Review by: Dawn

Erin McKenna’s Bakery is a popular spot with locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Orlando (at Disney Springs). The gluten-free, specialty bakery recently joined forces with health-conscious Aloha brands to bring some of Erin’s finest confections straight to your own kitchen. Superfood Brownie Bites are one of the first DIY treats to come from the healthy partnership, and we were lucky enough to try them out for ourselves!

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The Superfood Brownie Bites kit comes in two boxes. One box holds the brownie mix, and the other contains a variety of protein and nutrient-infused, flavoring powder packets. You will need canola oil (I opted for coconut oil), applesauce, and vanilla extract.

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We made a family decision to forego the “bites” and instead, made a full 9X11 tray of brownies. This worked out okay, but the finished product was a little thin in size.

The mix made easily, and the directions were easy to follow. In terms of taste – wow! No one in my home has any special dietary needs, so we don’t typically seek out gluten-free products. I suppose we believe that anything “-free” is equivalent to taste-free, but that is not the case with these brownies! They are a little on the bitter-ish side of the chocolate flavor scale, but very full of potent cocoa taste. They are very rich, and creamy and a “bite” sized portion is really all you need. They went very far in my home, and we were all surprisingly impressed with how much we enjoyed them.

The price is a bit steep at $16.00, but for an occasional treat, it’s worth considering. Cost is probably comparable to the bakery-made products, so if you’re a fan of Erin McKenna, distant from her bakery locations, this would be a worthwhile buy. Those residing near a bakery location would probably still prefer the convenience of having it made by the pros. Learn more about Erin McKenna bakery or purchase your own Superfood Brownie Bites kit here.



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