ZeroWater – High Performance Water Filtration


Review by: Dawn haven’t been an avid water drinker in quite some time. Personally, the ever-decreasing quality in taste, and the rise of impurities just started turning me off eventually. I’ve had different filtration systems, but I’ve often found myself turning to bottled water, like many people. Did you ever think about the waste involved with that choice? Yep, this is the one glaring drawback that just irks me. Not to mention – the cost can really add up after a while!

I was recently offered the opportunity to review the ZeroWater 12-cup Ready-Pour Pitcher – an inclusive, 5-stage filtration system and convenient pitcher all-in-one. This handy device even came with a handy TDS meter to measure impurities in water before and after filtration.

So, what is ZeroWater? It is a 5 stage filtration system that removes virtually all (99.6%) detectable dissolved solids from your tap water. Leading competitors utilizing a 2 stage system only remove 50% of these impurities. ZeroWater yields the only filtered water meeting the FDA guidelines for “Total Dissolved Solids” in purified bottled water.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are non-organic impurities found in water, which contribute to a difference in the taste of water. Dissolved solids enter our water supply through old piping, run-off from road salts, pesticides, fertilizers and more. – ZeroWater

Most water in the United States registers between 51-200 in TDS count. My specific location is on the higher end of that range…

… and my tap water specifically measured in at 163 using the TDS meter provided by ZeroWater! (The TDS meter included provides a reading of total dissolved solids in Parts Per Million, ppm.) Yuck!

In 14 minutes, I filtered a pitcher-full of water, and tested both my untreated tap water and the filtered final product. How did it go?

That’s right – from 163 to ZERO in 14 minutes! The resulting product tastes great. I had almost forgotten what real, clean water tastes like, so this was a fantastic treat. The pitcher fits conveniently in the refrigerator, and it’s easy to fill glasses and water bottles from the unit with ease. Best part is – I’ve noticed the kids laying off the sodas to opt for water. I didn’t even make a blatant push for that result, so… bonus points!

The unit sells for $37.99, but varied products are available in different sizes, starting at just $19.99. Replacement filters are sold in varied quantities, as low as $9.99 filter. Filter life depends on how hard the system has to work to provide the zero-reading result. For example, at the average impurity level, ZeroWater anticipates the unit to provide 25-40 gallons of water before replacement is required.

Just the facts: ZeroWater’s 12-cup Ready-Pour™ pitcher

  • ZeroWater unit can cost as little as 50 cents per gallon for purified-quality water
  • First in its class with a sealed lid and reservoir, making it possible to pour water that has already been filtered without spilling water that’s still filtering.
  • One-hand, pull and pour button spout for easy bottle filling.
  • Patented ZeroWater filtration system, combining 5 technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your water.
  • The only pour-through filter pitcher certified by the NSF to reduce lead.

Learn more about ZeroWater’s line of products, or purchase your own:



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