Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie Cake by FattyCakesNY


Review by: Dawn

Cookies are nothing new. Neither are cakes – or even cookie cakes – but FattyCakes? Oh yes, this is different… and it is incredible!

FattyCakesNY originated in 2009 as a Brooklyn home-based “experiment”. Founder Jennifer Taylor-Miller would accept challenges from friends to create “ridiculous” cookie creations, prompting her to incorporate unusual ingredients such as Twizzlers, popcorn, bacon, and a plethora of candies into her decadent recipes. Like all the yummiest innovations, this was the beginning of a tasty craze. Jennifer’s experiment became FattyCakesNY – and her delicious creations are now available far beyond Brooklyn. If you who are (south) Florida-based, you can check out the Ft. Lauderdale location. Believe it or not, you can also arrange for your FattyCakes treats to be delivered right to your front door.giphy

I wouldn’t have expected this to go over well – at all. In fact, when I received the special Valentine’s Day Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie Cake, I offered some to my husband and daughter – who each looked at me quizzically. My husband actually said, “but it came IN THE MAIL”!! Well, I didn’t believe it was going to kill me, but I didn’t expect to like it (especially since I am not a big fan of cookies in general… or cakes, or cookie cakes).

Let me first explain how exceptionally well-packaged this was. The goal is not only to keep the product fresh, but also to keep it pretty. Keep in mind, these are designed to be visually appealing as well – definitely show pieces. AND they are generously loaded up with toppings that you would hope to stay in place. Miraculously, this works. The layers of packaging work perfectly to keep everything just as it should be. Presentation – epic win!

giphy (1)Half the battle is won – but let’s talk taste! I did plan on making my husband and daughter partake as well. There was enough to go around when cut into three healthy sample sizes, but I was the first guinea pig in line. Welllll… they almost didn’t get any!

The texture was incredibly balanced – not crunchy from a bevy of preservatives, of mushy from staleness. It was melt-in-your-mouth fresh and buttery, with a subtle hint of salty sweetness drizzled in. The cookie-cream layers are just the right ratio to avoid overwhelm and create the perfect all-in-one treat. The delight was unanimous – we were all happily eating our words (and every last crumb).

Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie Cake (Pack of 2) $30.00
FREE SHIPPING. 4 inch mini cake, each cake serve two, pack of 2. Inquire for 2 day rushed shipping. Typical turnaround time is three days for cakes and cookies, 10 days for jars, but never hesitate to text or call and see if we can ship out something same day. Orders requiring Next Day Air service, please contact us directly rather than ordering online.


FattyCakesNY offers a wide variety of cakes, cookies, and jars with a bazillion options for customization. Great for a gift, or to simply treat yourself. Shop FattyCakes online for Valentine’s Day, any occasion or NO occasion at all!

For more information, follow FattyCakes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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