ComeSeeOrlando is a PR friendly blog. My name is Dawn. I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband, two teen children and our small zoo. I have been writing since I could hold a pen, and I have worked in promotions and marketing for over 20 years. I love to work with companies in a promotional capacity as my opinions create a contagious enthusiasm that probably wouldn’t be safe to contain. I understand the value of word-of-mouth, as well as the responsibility associated with expressing an opinion. I love to share honest perspectives with my readers on a variety of topics, and luckily plenty of people seem to enjoy reading them.

I have established strong relationships with many companies, media outlets and PR firms in various capacities – from major brands to small businesses. I have previously been featured on Orlando-area featured news broadcasts and in The Orlando Sentinel as a trusted source on the local tourism industry. My reviews and press releases have been published in numerous outlets, online and in print.  

My review team includes my husband Gino, son Tony, daughter Sierra and a menagerie of pets. Feel free to target your inquiry to the team member most closely associated with your target audience. All pitches will be considered.

  • Dawn’s primary interests: office/organizational supplies, household items (decor, kitchen, cleaners, etc.), food and beverage, beauty and skincare, subscription boxes, travel, pop culture, entertainment, clothing and accessories.
  • Gino’s primary interests: electronics/tech, food and beverage, apps, household items (decor, kitchen, cleaners, etc.), travel.
  • Tony’s primary interests: electronics/tech, apps, subscription boxes, entertainment, clothing, pop culture.
  • Sierra’s primary interests: subscription boxes, beauty and skincare, baking and cooking supplies, crafts, books, DIY.
  • The Zoo consists of two dogs, two turtles, three fish, a cockatoo, a cockatiel and two quails. 

We are  also available for brand trips, press trips, ambassadorships and Twitter parties. 

A media kit is available upon request including my monthly statistics, policies, sponsorship opportunities and advertising rates.



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